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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

sumpahan kata.

"cinta bersemi dek kata indah.
namun segalanya berantakan kerana kata pemusnah"

FUH. tagline baik punya!

tapi as a human,
things doesnt happen the way we plan--
kita merancang tapi Tuhan yang menentukan.

but who am i kidding.
its pain.
but then again--

in order to feel the rainbow,
you'll need some rain.

but at a time.
words can be a killer.
a murderer.
you put a bullet in my heart and brain

mi amor,
i choose you over him before because i aspect more than you.
since you know me more
but then, you destroyed our happiness.
you crushed everything that we had for almost 3 months.
if i would, i could.
but im not strong enough.

i dont think second chances will help our situation.
the best way and the best path for us--
i got to go my own way.
seribu penghargaan kepada awak ^^ terimakasih.

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